This is my first blog and personal perspective on my breast cancer Journey and beyond, its my story that I can share with family, friends and anyone that would like to know my story.

I’m not a blogger and have no experience in writing but to be able to vent, reflect and to write in my own words and share my physical and emotional experiences is great therapy, it gives me an out let on what I’m going through.  I started this blog 6 weeks after my second diagnosis.

“Understanding is the first step to acceptance and only through acceptance can there be recovery”…By JK Rawlings


16 thoughts on “Home

  1. Barbara Robinson

    You are an inspiration beautiful lady. This blog is a great idea on many levels – for yourself as a therapeutic benefit, your friends to better understand what you are going through, and for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. We love you helps Trace! Barbara

    1. tivanovski Post author

      Thank you so much Barb, you where my blog 13 years ago …… a chat over the fence and a glass of wine!, great neighbours and wonderful friends.. Love you all too x

  2. Nicola Harris

    Tracey, God Bless Girlfriend, you are so strong & brave, I haven’t stopped thinking about you all week. Sending all positive thoughts & prayers. See you in January, Love Nicola xxx

  3. Ron Leo

    Hi Tracey, after reading your blog last night I had trouble sleeping. It is so sad. Your Grandmother, 51 years. Today, that is so young. Who would have thought when you and Petar visited me 12 months ago when I had dodged a bullet that your health and quality of life would be turned upside down in this short period. Walking, I can relate to that. My bit of grandfatherly advice, no matter how good you feel, stick to the Doctor’s instruction. Petar told you what happened to me. You have great friends and many supporters. That is a true sign of the good a person you are. Everyone here in the Leo clan, know you will make a 100% recovery because you are such a positive person. We all love you Tracey.

    1. tivanovski Post author

      Hi Ron,
      Thanks for reading my blog, I never got to meet my grandmother, to young to die. Thank god for research and development in medicine, women with this disease are living so much longer now. It’s amazing what can happen in 12 months, you have to be so vigilant with your health as life as you have experienced can change so fast. I have lots of gate keepers here keeping me in line and on track and we are all very positive and are going to kick this cancer in the arse. Your advice is so true you feel good but can have a setback very quickly. We too love the Leo clan and we always appreciate what you and Eileen have done for us.

  4. Faye Murray

    Tracey, You are an inspiration to us all and you are right God (or whoever you believe in) only gives the tough lessons to those who can deal with them. I think about you often and the strength you have to get through this but we all know you will. The lovely think about having you in our lives is that you always bring lots of laughter where every you go and that is such a great gift to give. Remember to lean on those who love you.

  5. Di

    Trace, You have always been such a positive energy – and it is wonderful to see that despite this ‘bump in the road’ (and I hope that doesn’t sound like I am trivializing a situation which absolutely sucks) your positivity, love of live, love of laughter and sunny nature prevails. Di xxx

  6. Lorraine Neate

    Tracey you probably don’t remember me from St Bernard, but my best thoughts and wishes go out to you, what a crappy hand you have been dealt – twice – if I can do anything to help you please let me know
    Lorraine Neate

  7. Lisa

    I Love you so much x you inspire so many people keep going your healing words, actions are helping so many. Can’t wait to create the “goddess of Love” collection and laugh all day with the most beautiful angel I have ever met, I love you always, Lisa, Jake & Benny xx not forgetting all the angels x


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